Make your own wall cabinet and TV cabinet combination, by Gwenda

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Inspiration for a stylish wall cabinet and TV cabinet

Are you looking for a way to give your living space a unique and personal touch? Then be inspired by Gwenda's project: a custom-made wall cabinet that also serves as a TV cabinet. Not only has it become a beautiful piece of furniture, but it also offers plenty of storage space and opportunities to display your favorite decorations.

Discover this unique project

Gwenda's showpiece s project is the wall cabinet, which seamlessly transitions into a TV cabinet. The whole is neatly finished and finished with professional sealant, which ensures a seamless transition between the various elements. The cabinet has both high and low storage compartments, adding visual interest and functional variety in one harmonious design.

The structure and details that make the difference

The thoughtful design includes a range of open compartments and closed doors, perfect for displaying books or personal treasures and hiding less attractive but necessary items. The pockets are optimized for diverse uses: some are ideal for larger objects, while others are ideal for smaller accessories. The calm color of the cupboard contrasts beautifully with the wood-colored floor and fits perfectly into the contemporary living space, while still radiating warmth and character.

A custom project in your own living room

p>It is clear why this wall cabinet and TV cabinet combination fits so well in the living room. The proportions are perfectly tailored to the space, offer sufficient storage space without being overpowering and the color scheme fits beautifully with the rest of the interior. All this is possible thanks to custom dimensions, something for which Gwenda could turn to

The advantages of making your own furniture

Making your own furniture offers the flexibility to furniture to perfectly match your wishes. You have the freedom to choose materials, so you have control over not only the style, but also the quality. In addition, it can make a significant difference in costs compared to ready-made furniture from the store.

About the style of this project

Gwenda's project shows a modern and timeless style with clean lines and a minimalist appearance. This style leaves room for personal accents and blends seamlessly into contemporary living trends.

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How next?

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