Make your own custom table top from sawn blank MDF 38mm, by Fatih

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2 minutes

Customizing a table top yourself is easier than you think. Ordering an MDF panel sawn to size and getting started yourself with sandpaper and paint is actually sufficient. And so you have a beautiful and durable custom table top for an attractive price. In this project Fatih shows how she worked. The result is impressive!

Description of Fatih

The dining table that I initially ordered from another web store unfortunately turned out to be too small. During my search for a new table top, I was about to order a custom-made table top elsewhere until I came across this handy webshop on Google. I immediately ordered a table top in the desired size with rounded sides. Table top looked perfect. The sides were very nicely rounded. The finishing was an easy task because the top looked good.

How I made this project

First the table top was well sanded (grit 180). The sides in particular were sanded for a long time so that it was smooth. Sides are very important with an MDF board. It sucks up a lot of paint. Smooth sanding is important so that no dots (small holes) are visible after finishing. After sanding I applied one layer of MDF primer over it. After it was dry, lightly sanded (grit 400) and then lacquered (two layers) in the desired color. Result: a super beautiful dining table that I am extremely happy with.

Dimensions of my DIY project

180.0 x 100.0 cm

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How next?

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€ 202,17

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