Make your own built-in TV cabinet and base cabinet, by Anna

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DIY Built-in TV cabinet and base cabinet project

Discover how Anna created an elegant and practical focal point for her living room with a DIY built-in TV cabinet and base cabinet. This inspiration project shows how you can create something unique and personal with custom work from

The construction of the TV cabinet

Anna's TV cabinet is built into a beautiful sea green wall, which offers a sleek and modern appearance. The striking color of the wall forms a nice contrast with the natural wooden frame around the television. The base cabinet, with its panel doors, fits seamlessly into the aesthetics of the room, where the minimalist handles and the smart division of the storage area stand out.

Use of color and design

The choice of color for the cupboard contributes to the atmosphere of the room. The sea green paint has been carefully chosen to give a sense of calm and style, which is ideal for a living room where you want to relax after a long day. The natural wooden accents add warmth and timelessness to the design.

Unique features of the furniture

Not only does the built-in TV cabinet offer aesthetic value, but the cabinet is also functional. Anna has had neatly custom-made compartments provided by, so that all equipment is out of sight, but still remains easily accessible.

Why make it yourself?

Make it yourself a built-in wardrobe offers unprecedented advantages. You have the freedom to tailor the dimensions exactly to the available space and your personal needs. In addition, like Anna, you can keep your budget under control by choosing materials that suit your financial picture.

The living room as the perfect setting

Anna's living room is the perfect place for this DIY built-in TV cabinet and base cabinet. The colors and style fit seamlessly with the rest of the furnishings, from the soft floor to the stylish decoration pieces. The self-made cupboard makes optimal use of the available space and becomes a natural part of the interior.

Advantages at a glance

By opting for self-construction, Anna has not only tailored a piece of furniture to her wishes, but also saved considerably. The choice of materials and the finish that has supplied guarantee a personal touch and a piece of furniture that is built to last.

The style of the project

This DIY built-in TV cabinet and base cabinet are designed in a modern, minimalist style that is not tied to temporary trends. The clean design and calm colors provide a timeless look that fits in many interiors.

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How next?

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