Homemade sawing and milling table on wheels, by Jochem

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Above average

2 minutes

Jochem has custom-made a handy sawing and milling table for his workshop/garage and placed it on roller wheels. Practical because it means Jochem can easily and quickly transport his circular saw anywhere. This way he always has his tools close by. By choosing durable and strong birch plywood, the table offers long-lasting pleasure. Ideal for all his future DIY projects. What a good idea Jochem!

Description of Jochem

My workshop is not very big and is already quite full of other furniture. The circular saw is therefore often in the way. I made a table on wheels, so I can move it easily.

How I made this project

As always, I first made a design in Fusion360. The material chosen again this time was Multiplex Birch 18mm, because of its strength. Because I wanted the guide of the saw to also be used for the milling cutter, the blade in which the milling machine hangs had to be exactly the same depth as that of the sawing machine. This was complicated but worked out well, until the wood of the blade had a bit started working and the guide stopped working. In the end the cupboard became quite large and I decided to make two separate things from it. The final product is therefore only the saw table cabinet.

Dimensions of my DIY project

70.0 cm wide, 61.0 cm deep, 96.0 cm high.

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How next?

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