Homemade pantry under the stairs from plywood, by Jimme

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2 minutes


A cupboard system under the stairs with various compartments to store groceries and other items. Many shelves are adjustable in height and by working with compartments, both high and low products can be placed efficiently.

Make a cupboard system under the stairs yourself

I wanted a pantry with a lot shelves and different heights so that we could store our groceries easily and clearly. The previous pantry had become a big mess. I chose  because the natural wood look appealed to me and because I had no further had a lot of demands on the piece of furniture (it is behind an interior door after all). I also wanted a piece of furniture whose shelves were height-adjustable, so that we could adjust the height if we wanted to store other items here in the future.

The 3 horizontal shelves are attached to the wall by means of support beams. and attached to the stairs. In addition, these planks rest on the vertical planks. Several small planks are placed horizontally between them. These are height adjustable thanks to pre-drilled holes and shelf supports. One shelf at eye level is attached perpendicular to this whole, so that the stairs themselves can also be used to put things down. A bottle rack has been made from a few small beams and 24 mm sticks.

The whole has been adapted to this specific staircase and to the groceries we often have at home.

A cupboard made to measure

170.0 x 177.0 cm

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