Furniture with TV lift, by Berry

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You can of course make a TV part of your living room, but you can also choose to place the TV out of sight. Berry has come up with a smart solution for this! He made a TV cabinet from carpentry panel and installed a TV lift in it. If you don't watch TV, it looks like a unique sideboard. If you want to watch TV, you can conjure up your TV at the touch of a button. That's really handy!

Berry's TV cabinet

Berry had us cut the material to size and picked it up at our sawmill. He could get started right away with the sawn panels. He chose Timber panel Spruce in different thicknesses and had us cut the standard rounded edges tightly. The carpentry panel is a solid wooden panel and has a warm and natural appearance because the wood grain is visible. Berry treated the spruce wood with a dark lacquer for a unique result.

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