Floating desk made of MDF, by Fabian

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I made a floating desk from a custom-sawn MDF worktop from OPMAATZAGEN.nl.
In addition to the worktop, I needed the following:
- Spruce frame ( same dimensions as desk)
- Twice cable hole
- Built-in socket

How do you make a floating desk?

I made 2 cable holes in the top and a built-in power strip. I was able to make this in the top with a hole drill and a jigsaw. I then made a frame from planed pine slats and placed it in the niche where the desk was to be located.

After this, I primed the worktop on the end sides and then lacquered it twice (silk glass on water based). To give it a nice finish, I also included the front of the pine slats.

Finally, I glued the worktop to the frame (screws were also possible) and sealed the edges.
The desk is finished!

The desk fits exactly in the niche

The worktop was 275.0 x 69.7 cm. These are the dimensions of the niche.

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