Double shelving unit with TOSIZE Furniture for the dining room, by Mike

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Description by Mike

We have designed two shelving units for the dining room, with doors at the bottom and two shelves in each, so that we can store things in them. We chose to make two cupboards, because it is a bit lighter in the room. The wall is quite long (but not very high) and we thought a wide cupboard would look a bit clumsy. The cabinets are each the same model, but mirrored. The result is exactly what we hoped for.

How I created this project

Step 1:

We come up with an idea Of course, we first had to think about what we wanted: perhaps the most difficult step in the process! We gained inspiration for this on the website, but also looked at the homes of friends and family and looked at cupboards in a number of furniture stores. 

Step 2:

Design The configurator on the website made it easy for us to design the cabinets. I took an existing topic for this and then actually adapted everything to my wishes. To determine the precise dimensions, we placed tape on the wall and floor. We ordered the cabinet in primed MDF. 

Step 3:

Assembling Once the materials were in, we could start assembling the cabinets. The instructional videos helped enormously with this. It was easy to glue the cabinets together. 

Step 4:

Finishing We filled the edges and sealed the cracks. We then sanded the cabinet and painted it in a light sand color with a matte varnish. We only assembled the doors and shelves after painting.

Dimensions of my DIY project

220 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm (hxwxd)

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How next?

Would you like to make this DIY project? This furniture is from our TOSIZE Furniture line. Create your personal custom-made furniture via our 3D configurator and receive it as a simple kit.

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All materials used


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