Easily create a DIY seating area in the kitchen, by Aylin

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Create this project yourself with sheet material cut to size by OPMAATZAGEN.nl!





3 minutes

A seating niche in the kitchen, yes, I wanted that! At the kitchen store (I won't say which, but you can buy delicious Swedish meatballs there), they were a bit surprised by this. They did make it, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the finish. With the help of OPMAATZAGEN.nl, I transformed the seating niche into a beautiful and sleek whole!

Description by Aylin (@okermint)

The original finish was not nice

With some tinkering, the kitchen supplier managed to create the seating niche. However, the finish... well, it left something to be desired. The width of the niche is 80.0 cm, and this size was not available in covering panels. It ended up being 2 panels with a seam randomly somewhere on the right. I'm not an obsessive symmetry lover, but this just wasn't it. The saw edges were sloppily finished... A real shame.

To make something nice out of it, I painted the whole thing at the time, but it didn't work. You could just scrape it off. Of course, there are worse things in the world, but that seating niche as I had imagined it... Could this really not be achieved?

In this DIY project story, Aylin takes you along. With the help of custom-cut panels from OPMAATZAGEN.nl, she easily made a seating niche in the kitchen unit herself. Are you reading me?

That Could Definitely Be Different!

That could definitely be different, said OPMAATZAGEN.nl! I grabbed my tape measure, opened my laptop, and within 5 minutes my order was placed.

Natural MDF 12 mm thick is what it became. I used special primer for blank MDF and then applied the color Brasserie. The color itself is beautiful, but it turned out a bit too intense for my taste.

A Different Color After All

No problem, an extra trip to the hardware store and I have the desired color on it! This is the color ncss2005g20y (Natural Green by Sigma), the same shade as the other side of our kitchen.

Materials Needed

Cut to size


Dimensions of my DIY project

~119.0 x ~62.0 x ~80.0 cm

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How next?

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