Custom wall cabinet in the kitchen, by Roland

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2 minutes

Description of Roland

Our cupboard wall. After much deliberation and measuring, my wife came up with the solution, she said: that is the solution. Here we can design a cupboard ourselves.

How I made this project

No sooner said than done. We still had to agree internally how big, how wide, how many compartments, where it will be placed with what and how we will align the cupboard in the kitchen. Yes, the cupboard will be in the kitchen and yes, my wife would like a TV in the kitchen. After a few months we had the design and, after a long drawing and sticking tape on the floor, we knew where the cupboard should be placed, so we ordered quickly.

After ordering, my wife came up with an additional idea , what if we make a desk attached to the cupboard from the same material. And then comes the difficulty: it must be at the same height as base cabinets, how big, how are we going to attach it. With all these questions we contacted, they helped us well with the entire sizing and confirmation, which I could think of myself, but it was also resolved.

After a few weeks we received the message that the cabinet would be delivered. I emptied my garage, because there must be 2 or 3 pallets, but no, it was only 1. Everything was displayed in the garage by number and letters because the description that comes with the cabinet was very clear and certainly for dummies. I could write a whole story about how we built the cupboard, but we will do that based on the photos. We did create an extra desk and installed lighting and sockets in the cupboard.

Dimensions of my DIY project

260.0 x 273.0 cm

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