Custom plywood table top for a children's desk, by Thom

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Very easy

2 minutes

Want a custom table top? Thom has made a custom table top from poplar plywood. With this he has given a desk for children a new look. Read more here!

Thom's table top

Thom has { { 'Multiplex Interieur Poplar'|trans }} made a new table top for his son's desk. He already had the legs and cabinets and with the plywood cut to size he turned it into a completely new desk. He did this by having two pieces of plywood cut to size, a wide plate for the desktop and a thin plank for the back edge. Since Thom already had the other parts, this was all he needed. Creating a new desk can be that simple! Do you also want to make a new custom table top from plywood? Then order your custom-made desktop from !

Plywood Interior Poplar

is a light variant of plywood, both in color and weight. This material is made by cross-gluing several thin layers of wood (wood veneer) into a plate. This makes the material very strong, stronger than solid wood and warps considerably less. The poplar wood used in this plywood variant gives the panel a calm and warm appearance. The wood has almost no knots and the flames contrast softly with the rest of the material.

Dimensions of my DIY project

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