Create your own wall-filling wall cupboard, by Karin

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Inspiration for your homemade wall cupboard

Are you looking for inspiration to give your own home a personal touch with a tailor-made storage solution? Then be inspired by Karin's project, who, with the help of, has created a beautiful wall-filling cupboard with enough storage space.

What did Karin make?

Karin chose to design a wall-filling cupboard that is not only functional, but also fits perfectly in her living room. This eye-catching cabinet extends from floor to ceiling and takes up the entire width of the wall. The structure of the wall cabinet, rich in compartments of different sizes, offers both open shelves for decorative items and closed cabinet areas for the storage of less aesthetic items.

Unique aspects of the wall cabinet

What makes Karin's wall cabinet so unique is the detail. Each shelf and storage compartment is precision sawn to size by and then assembled by Karin herself. The natural wood color was central in the beginning, but she later opted for a deep green color that adds warmth and character to the space. The variation in compartment sizes creates a dynamic appearance and makes the wall cabinet a true eye-catcher.

The perfect addition to the living room

This wall cabinet proves to be the perfect addition to Karin's living room, both in functionality as well as in style. The design blends effortlessly into the surroundings while providing a statement piece that gives the space character. Choosing a wall-filling wall cupboard is a smart way to make optimal use of the available space.

Benefits of making your own wall cupboard

By opting for in-house production, Karin has been able to save considerably on costs compared to having a custom cabinet made. She had complete freedom in determining the dimensions and choice of materials, which resulted in a unique piece of furniture that exactly suited her wishes and needs. The flexibility of building it yourself meant that she could fully adapt the wall cupboard to the dimensions of her living room.

Stylish finish

After the basic construction was in place, Karin gave the wall cupboard a stylish finish. The deep green offers a soothing yet lively color that fits well with both classic and modern interiors. The end result is a wall-filling wall cupboard in a contemporary style that adds coziness to any gathering in the living room.

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How next?

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