Beautiful symmetrical MDF shelving unit for the living room, by Xander

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2 minutes

Xander shares his project of creating a beautiful symmetrical shelving unit for the living room using MDF. He shares detailed steps and useful tips to create this striking piece of furniture. With his DIY approach, Xander has created a functional and aesthetically pleasing cabinet, perfect for organizing and displaying items. Follow his steps and make your own symmetrical cupboard for a contemporary and organized living space.

Description by Xander

We have put together a beautiful cupboard for the living room online. We looked at many cabinets and dressers in various home improvement stores, but couldn't find any nice ones. Coincidentally, we ended up at and ordered our cabinet there as we had the design in mind.

How I made this project

The package from 265 kilos were delivered to the front door. To be honest, I was shocked by the amount of planks, but afterwards it wasn't too bad! We put everything in order inside (that's a tip!) after which we put the cupboard together. That took about two hours and was quite easy. Then a few spots were filled and primed. Then it was painted twice more in the color we wanted. To be honest, that takes some effort and a lot of time, but we are very happy with the result!

Dimensions of my DIY project

2.20 meters wide and 2.50 meters high

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How next?

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