A large TOSIZE Furniture custom dream cupboard in black oak, by Sander

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TOSIZE Furniture
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TOSIZE Furniture
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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project, Sander shares his extensive experience in putting together a custom TOSIZE Furniture cabinet. He did the design and installation himself. And even the cupboard has recessed spotlights. The result is a beautiful custom cabinet. 

Description by Sander

After a long search on the internet for a standard cabinet that met all our wishes, we could not find anything. We were looking for large wall cabinets for bottles and glasses that could not be stored visibly and compartments for visible objects.

How I made this project

While trying out the configurator, I quickly realized found out that the only limit is your imagination. Since we have quite a large wall, 420x350 cm, it requires a large cupboard. The freedom to play with width/height and layout allows you to really create your own unique/own design. Doors in different openings, compartments with or without shelves, almost anything is possible. The planks are even thick enough to mill spotlights into. 18mm deep spotlights are nicely recessed into the shelf. Assembly is really easy. All dowel holes are strategically drilled so you can't make any mistakes when assembling. Neat construction drawing with numbers and letters stuck on stickers on the planks. Stickers that leave no visible traces by the way (very neat). Everything is correct down to the millimeter and the finish is really of the highest level. I am very impressed with the entire process.

Dimensions of my DIY project

212x235x45 (width/height/depth)

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How next?

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€ 3.124,00

All materials used


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