A large self-built MDF floor-standing speaker by Mathias

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Above average

2 minutes

If you order your sawn board material online, you can start working straight away. In this project, Mathias shows how to build a beautiful large floorstanding speaker using custom-made MDF. The result is wonderful!

Description from Mathias

A floorstanding speaker was built using chassis from Expolinear, Görlich and ScanSpeak. The woofer housing has a volume of a good 50l, that of the midrange speaker around 10l. The tweeter has its own flanged housing.

How I did this project

Every project starts with planning. Since I wanted to move away from the old, 35cm wide speakers and towards a slimmer housing, side mounting was the only option for me. Since I can separate at 150Hz and equalize digitally, I wasn't worried about any problems that might arise. The width of the speakers was determined by the midrange speaker, the height by the height, so that the depth was calculated accordingly. I had already used the volumes in a similar way before and had had good experiences with them.To avoid having a "boring" cuboid again, I angled the front a few degrees, especially since tosize offers the boards pre-sawn. The boards fit perfectly. One corner was a little chipped and the long boards had the usual bow that wood usually has. Nothing that you can't get a grip on with two or three screw clamps.I chose Basalt Black Metallic for the lacquer finish, which sparkles wonderfully.

Dimensions of my DIY project

HxWxD [mm]: 968x216x350/450

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How next?

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€ 99,69

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