A custom-made folding door made of MDF, by Eric

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Eric shows how he made a folding door himself using sawn MDF. He chose to order custom-made MDF lacquer carrier film so that he could start his project immediately and have less painting work to do. Read more about his approach below. 

Description by Eric

A folding door in 3 parts to neatly close the corner of the guest room where the washing machine is located. This is the only solution under a sloping roof.

How I made this project

The house is from 1895 and therefore all walls and floors are crooked. In addition, we are dealing with a sloping roof. The important thing was to first measure everything accurately and make a sketch. Since there is a drain and a water pipe running along the left wall, the first hinge could not be placed on the wall but had to be moved 5 cm to the right. So I started with a 36x36mm beam on the wall and screwed the first fixed strip onto it. The space that remained was divided into 3 pieces because I only had 37cm available when folded. The panels are attached to each other with piano hinges. Make sure you install this correctly. Neatly in the middle on the sides of the 2 panels. If you do not do this, the panels will not fit evenly in the unfolded position or they will not close completely. Better to spend some extra time on it than take everything out (150 screws) and put them back in. A wooden closing slat is mounted under the sloping roof and on the right wall so that there is a stop and it looks good. All screws are countersunk and the holes are closed. I was afraid that the piano hinges, especially the leftmost one, would not be able to support the weight, but that turned out not to be so bad. The whole opens and closes very smoothly.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height 215.0 cm
Width 107.0 cm

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How next?

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