Acoustic panels

Make Your Own Acoustic Panels with Custom-Cut Material from

Looking to make your own acoustic panels? At, you'll find everything you need for your DIY project. With our custom-cut wood and sheet materials, such as MDF, timber panel, and veneered panels, you can easily create acoustic panels that improve the sound quality in your space.

Why Make It Yourself?

Making acoustic panels yourself offers numerous benefits. You can customize them to fit the dimensions and colors of your space, seamlessly blending into your interior. Plus, you'll save money and gain a sense of satisfaction by creating something functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How Do I Make Acoustic Panels Myself?

Making acoustic panels is a practical project that's manageable with the right materials and instructions. Start by choosing the appropriate material, such as MDF for the core, timber panel for the frame, and veneered panels for a beautiful finish. Have the material custom-cut by and then follow a simple assembly guide to build your acoustic panels.

Inspiration Projects

On our website, you'll find numerous inspiring projects and examples of homemade acoustic panels. Get inspired and improve the acoustics of your space with your own handmade panels.