Tosize construction sheet - free sawing!


Made-to-measure construction sheet - free sawing!

Are you looking for cut-to-size OSB for your project? Then order your OSB at Choose the wood type, finish and thickness you require and we will saw your board accurately and free of charge to size. Quickly ordered and quickly delivered: you will have your order within working days!

Construction panels for indoors or outdoors

The best known construction boards are OSB, underlayment, chipboard, plywood and MDF. These boards consist of glued layers of wood or coarse fibres that are pressed together under high pressure. When choosing a construction panel, it is important to take into account whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. Many construction panels are only suitable for indoor use. If panels can also be used outdoors, they are provided with an extra coating and are also glued to make them waterproof. If you use a board for indoor use outside, it will quickly absorb moisture and expand.

Order your made-to-measure construction sheet quickly and easily

At it is possible to order your construction sheet to size. This means that you only pay for the square metres that you actually need. Moreover, you avoid unnecessary sawing waste. Use the filters in the web shop to choose the right material, the finish and the thickness. Finally, fill in the desired dimensions. Using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can quickly and easily order your made-to-measure construction panel. Of course, it is also possible to order several types of timber at the same time.

Made-to-measure construction sheet is the online sawmill for cut-to-size timber. We always have various types of timber and board material in stock. Once you have ordered your cut-to-size construction board, your order will be delivered within working days.


All available wood species

Have you already seen our extensive range? Find the right type of wood for your project. Choose from hard-, soft- and lacquered board, Pellos Floor and various types of MDF or plywood, among others. Is the type of wood you are looking for not listed? Then contact us and let us inform you about the possibilities.

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