MDF moisture-proofing cut to size free of charge

MDF moisture-proofing cut to size free of charge

If you intend to use MDF outdoors, you will need moisture-resistant MDF. This form of MDF is especially suitable for damp rooms due to its reduced absorption capacity and can be recognised by its green colour. Order your MDF moisture-resistant online at and have it delivered to your home within 3 working days!

Customised MDF Moisture retardant

At we have an extensive range of wood and board materials. Choose, for example, MDF paintable boards: directly paintable and suitable for indoor use. Or MDF blank, which is often used in interior construction and the furniture industry, while MDF moisture-resistant is specially designed for use in damp areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Is the MDF you are looking for not listed? Then feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

  • High bending strength
  • High wear resistance
  • Easy to screw and nail
  • Good machinability
  • Little or no warping

Making MDF moisture-proof

Standard blank MDF boards are not moisture-resistant and cannot be used in damp rooms. However, a different type of glue is used for MDF moisture-resistant boards, which makes the boards extremely suitable for use in damp spaces, such as the bathroom. It is even possible to make MDF moisture-resistant as well.

MDF moisture-proof painting

It is possible to paint MDF moisture-resistant. This not only contributes to the appearance of the MDF board, but also makes the material water repellent. For this purpose, you can finish the board with a paint or varnish. MDF moisture-resistant has a high wear-resistance, allowing you to enjoy it for a long time.

MDF v313 moisture-resistant

MDF v313 moisture-resistant is specially designed for application in damp spaces, such as the bathroom or the kitchen. This panel material can be recognized by its green colour. Normal MDF easily absorbs moisture and expands, but this is not the case with MDF v313 moisture-resistant. Moisture-resistant does not mean that the MDF is water repellent. For this the material must be finished with a paint or varnish.

MDF v313 white

Another variant of MDF moisture-resistant is MDF v313 white. This board material is suitable for use in damp spaces and, thanks to its neutral colour, is often used for interior applications. MDF moisture-resistant is available in our webshop with a thickness of 18 millimetres. Choose the desired dimensions and have your MDF v313 cut to size by us free of charge.

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