What is lacquer board?

Lacquerboard boards are finished hardboard boards. What exactly does this mean? If you want to use hardboard boards for an application where the smooth side is in sight, you can lacquer this side to give it a nice finish. You can also choose lacquerboard, where this finish already exists. Lacquer board is actually hardboard with a white layer in a matt finish. This water-based coating is already applied at the factory, so you can save yourself the trouble and time of priming and possibly varnishing hardboard. Of course, this also means that lacquerboard has the same qualities as hardboard. Do you want to buy lacquerboard? Then OPMAATZAGEN.nl definitely offers what you need.

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Lacquerboard is a finished form of hardboard

Lacquerboard is a fibreboard, just like MDF, OSB, particleboard, softboard and hardboard. This means that the boards are made of wood fibres that have been compressed. During the production process, the pressing method creates a smooth and a rough side, as is the case with softboard and hardboard. For the production of lacquerboard, the same process is followed as for the production of hardboard, up to the finishing with the white layer on the smooth side. As a result, lacquerboard is just as sturdy as hardboard, but shows a nicer finish, so you don't need to prime it yourself or, if you had wanted a white coating, varnish or paint it.

Lacquerboard has an absorbent effect

Lacquer board is made from wood fibres that are pressed together under high temperature and high pressure to form the sturdy board material suitable for multiple applications. Because the wood fibres are wetted before being compressed under this high temperature and pressure, there is no need to add glue. When the wood fibres become wet again, the structural quality of the board is lost. Lacquerboard has an absorbent effect, so moisture has a bad influence on its structural quality. If you use lacquerboard outdoors, or indoors in a damp room, the lacquerboard boards will crack or crumble. Therefore, only use lacquerboard indoors in dry rooms.

Lacquerboard is immediately ready for use

If you want to make something where the hardboard board is not in sight or where you just want to see a dark brown colour, hardboard is well suited. If you prefer a white finish, then painting hardboard is an option. Of course, it is easier in this case to choose a board that has already been finished with a white, matt layer. This is lacquer board. You can start working with it right away, without having to varnish or paint it. You can also lightly sand the white layer and paint it in the colour of your choice if necessary. At OPMAATZAGEN.nl we cut the lacquerboard sheets to size for you, so you can get on with your job straight away.

Lacquerboard offers several advantages

Lacquerboard naturally has the same advantages as hardboard, with the important difference that lacquerboard is already finished with a beautiful, white, matt layer. The important advantages certainly include good machinability. You can easily nail or staple lacquerboard, for example. It is a relatively thin board material. Lacquerboard boards have a thickness of only 3 millimetres. Lacquerboard has an FSC keurmerk, just like other fibreboards, which means you can always be sure that the board material comes from sustainably managed forests. This means that lacquerboard is also an environmentally conscious choice.

What is lacquer board used for?

Lacquerboard can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For instance, many companies use lacquerboard as packaging material, but lacquerboard is also often chosen for panelling ceilings and walls. Floors can easily be levelled out with lacquerboard sheets and the sheets are often used for doors. Among the most frequently used applications, we also find the realisation of cabinet back walls. Here, lacquerboard is extremely suitable.

Lacquerboard is easy to work with

Lacquer board is an ideal board material when it comes to machining. Whether you want to screw, nail or staple: it is all possible. We do recommend always pre-drilling when you want to screw. When doing so, it is wise to choose to countersink the screw head. This gives the best result and prevents jagged edges from becoming visible by breaking the lacquer. Lacquerboard is excellent for use as the back wall of a cupboard, especially if the back wall is visible. A nice finish is then desirable. Is the back wall of a cupboard not visible? Then you can of course use plain hardboard as the back wall of the cupboard.

Not suitable for heavy loads

Lacquer board is often used for making furniture pieces. However, this is actually always about achieving a nice finish. Lacquer board is not suitable for heavy use. For example, do you want to make a bookcase and are looking for a good board material for the shelves? Then it is better to choose MDF, for example. On the other hand, lacquerboard can be used for a nice finish on the back of an open bookcase, where the back is visible through the bookcase. Thus, lacquer board can be used for almost any project, as long as the board material is not overloaded in the end.

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OPMAATZAGEN.nl has a very wide range of board materials in the most diverse varieties and designs. You can find within our Assortment various types of fibreboard, such as MDF, softboard and hardboard. Would you like to buy the finished form of hardboard, i.e. lacquered board? Then of course you have also come to the right place. We offer custom-made lacquer board at attractive prices. Simply place your order online and let us cut the sheets to size for you. That saves you a lot of work. Do you have any questions about our lacquerboard boards? Then feel free to contact us.

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