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Liesbeth van Goor
Liesbeth van Goor

Hi, I'm Liesbeth

I am Liesbeth, interior designer and owner of EIGEN advies. With great passion and pleasure, I make interior designs and give styling advice. And I can help you guide your home project. Completely customised and according to your wishes.

It is important to me that my designs reflect the personality, tastes and preferences of the occupant(s). Because I like to combine the aesthetic with the practical, I make extensive use of custom-made designs. But always with just that little bit extra that you get with an EIGEN design.

If you want to feel really at home again, for example because you are moving house or have moved house, your interior no longer "fits" or you can't get the feeling you are looking for, I can help you in various ways.

Specialties: Styling, Interior design advice, Custom-made furniture
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    We understand better than anyone how overwhelming designing a piece of furniture can be. The affiliated interior design specialists not only advise on custom-made furniture, but can also think along with you in terms of styling.*This is a separate service and there may be additional charges for this.* Contact the relevant interior stylist/designer and be advised of the terms and conditions.

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