Colours, different materials and the right composition of objects

Anita Slok
Anita Slok

Hi, I'm Anita

Your interior! What is the art of creating your own familiar and, above all, calming environment?    

Colours, different materials and the right composition of objects. The right spacing of furniture and combining different shapes in your interior. The art of omission and many other aspects ensure that your interior becomes one. A beautiful interplay of objects, colours and materials is a must for the visual eye. It brings peace and balance to your mind and creates the right atmosphere.

Colour determines mood and has a psychological effect. Of course, you can have a favourite colour, but does this colour/tint match your personality? After all, there is psychology behind every colour.

I will gladly help you find the ideal combination for your interior. Create peace and confidence! That is what Slok Interiorstyling stands for! Are you curious and would you like to know more? Then feel free to contact me!

Specialties: Colour advice/ layout advice/ entire interior plan/ styling advice
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We understand better than anyone how overwhelming designing a piece of furniture can be. The affiliated interior design specialists not only advise on custom-made furniture, but can also think along with you in terms of styling.*This is a separate service and there may be additional charges for this.* Contact the relevant interior stylist/designer and be advised of the terms and conditions.

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