Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White

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Configure Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White

Product information

  • Hard, wear- and impact-resistant top layer
  • Ready for intensive use
  • Easy to keep clean
  • For indoor use only
  • Supplied without finished edges as standard


is a decorative board with standard plywood birch as carrier. It is often used for worktops, cupboards and partition walls. The HPL top layer makes it unnecessary to paint this material and makes it easy to maintain.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)720
Thickness10 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm
Type Multiplex HPL
VariantMultiplex Berken HPL W10400 SD Opaque White
Application (climate)Indoors
Wood type of surface layerBirch
Functional useDecorative
Top layer typeHPL
Top layer2 sides

Order cut-to-size Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White online

Order cut-to-size Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White easily online. Plywood with an HPL top layer can be sawn to size down to the millimetre. We will deliver the panel to your home within a few working days. Are you curious about the possibilities? Configure your product and complete your project quickly and easily.

Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White: what is it?

Birch plywood, the core of this board material, is the most popular variant of plywood board material for indoor use because it is the best quality choice. It is glued water-resistant as standard and moreover birch is a hardwood species. It can therefore take a beating!

Birch plywood is made up of different layers of birch veneer. These layers are glued crosswise to each other. This results in a stable board and a very attractive edge. Nevertheless, the wood remains glued together, during the sawing and processing of plywood birch tension can be released. It is therefore important to always fix this panel material.

Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White, panels with an HPL topcoat

HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate. It is made by pressing several layers of paper together with a thermosetting synthetic resin. The material is scratch and impact resistant. The structure of HPL is composed with a computer. Therefore, each panel is the same and there is no visible difference in colour or pattern. Panels can be finished with an HPL top layer on one or both sides, see the product properties for more information.

Sheet material with Pfleiderer surface coating

Pfleiderer is a large manufacturer of HPL topcoats. This manufacturer has an extensive range of HPL, melamine and other high quality top layers. The designs, colours and patterns are carefully composed according to new trends, modern style and always with the latest innovative techniques.

The different variants of Pfleiderer

The possibilities of decors from Pfleiderer are endless. The structure of the product names is convenient. It always consists of three parts: a letter (U) a colour code (12000) and a finish (SD). In order to make the right choice for your project, it is useful to delve into this. Would you like to know all about the meaning and the name structure of Pfleiderer? Then read on in this article about the name structure of Pfleiderer.

Pfleiderer sample service

Are you curious about this material? Order a sample on the Pfleiderer website. Assess the material and then have it cut to size and delivered to your home by the online sawmill.

Available thicknesses of Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White

With us, you can order customised MDF with a high-quality HPL top layer, often in different thicknesses. You can easily specify the desired thickness in the product configurator. This way, you can be sure that the board material meets your requirements. The following thicknesses are available: 10 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm.

Machining plywood birch boards with an HPL topcoat

Plywood is an easy panel material to work with, if you have sharp tools. For drilling holes, we recommend a wood drill with a centre point. Pre-drilling is also recommended for this panel material. Therefore, have it professionally sawn to size by us, to guarantee a smooth result. The edges are 'open' by sawing. These still need to be finished, which can be done with ABS tape.

HPL is a finished top layer. The advantage of this is that you do not need to paint or finish it. Therefore, plan the assembly in advance: it is more difficult to conceal the joints afterwards. Think for example of assembly from the bottom or the inside.

Specific applications of plywood birch with an HPL top layer

Birch plywood with an HPL top layer is a popular choice for furniture and interior applications. The fine edge that remains open during sawing gives this panel a unique appearance. That is why plywood with an HPL top layer is ideally suited for table tops, kitchen cupboards, counter tops and desktops. However, plywood can warp when tension is released during sawing or processing, so we always recommend fixing this panel material. But that does not make it any less of a favourite for making furniture in general. So don't be limited by this list of examples!

Alternatives for birch plywood CP/CP

Is Plywood Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White  not the right type of wood for your job? If you are looking for plywood for outdoor use plywood okoumé waterproof is a good alternative. Looking for a different look? Or have a look at our other plywood panels with an HPL top layer:

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