Available colours and types of plywood

The available colours and types of plywood are versatile. You have the choice of many variants, so you can really do anything with this panel material. Of course it is important that you base your choice on your specific job. For each job there are different types of plywood that fit well. At OPMAATZAGEN.nl you will find many different colours and types of plywood, but there are also various thicknesses available. If you need advice on how to make your choice, please contact our customer service team. Do you know exactly what you need? Then simply order online and give us your desired dimensions. We will then provide you with plywood cut to size.

What are the available colours of plywood?

There are several available colours of plywood. The colour of plywood depends on the species of wood used. For example, okoumé plywood is darker and has a reddish colour and birch plywood has a light, white-yellow colour. In addition to the different colours due to the wood species, there are also plywood boards with a white or light grey colour. The material has this colour because it has been finished with a primer or a varnish-bearing film. These layers are not meant as a final finish, but as a basis on which you can easily paint the desired colour. This way you can make plywood in any colour you want!

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Of course, at OPMAATZAGEN.nl you also have the choice of different types of plywood available. Basically, the species can be divided into four categories, namely birch, poplar, hardwood and okoumé. These species can in turn be divided into several variants. These are the different types of plywood:

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Why is plywood a good material to work with?

There are several available colours and types of plywood, which means you can always make a good choice. Plywood sheets are ideal to get started with because of the attractive advantages of this sheet material. For example, the sheets are easy to process. You can paint the sheets any colour you like, which is especially easy with the primed and lacquer-bearing variants. There are special variants that are suitable for use in damp rooms or even outdoors. So you see that there are always suitable options among the available colours and types of plywood.

Most common applications for plywood

Plywood is a versatile material. Because there is a wide choice of available colours and types of plywood, the panel material can be used in many ways. Of course, there are a number of applications which are more common than others. Plywood panels are often used for kitchens, furniture, doors and worktops, but also for wall cladding. In addition, the sheet material is often used in the construction of dormers. These are, of course, only examples. Due to the large number of available colours and types of plywood, the possibilities with this panel material are endless. Of course you can order all colours and types of plywood at OPMAATZAGEN.nl online. If you give us the required dimensions, we will already cut the sheets to size for you.

Use the desired colour of plywood

Plywood has a beautiful colour of its own in the base. The natural look appeals to many. It is therefore not at all strange to use the plywood sheets in their original colour. In this case it is recommended to use a clear or transparent oil, varnish or stain to protect the plywood panels. Would you like to give the plywood a different colour, but do you want to preserve the grain? Then you can use coloured oil, varnish or stain. This allows you to give plywood the most diverse colours, while leaving the grain clearly visible. If you wish, you can also paint the plywood. In this case the grain disappears from sight, but the wood structure can still be seen and felt.

Extend the durability of plywood

Plywood is an excellent panel material that can last for many years. To ensure an optimal lifetime of plywood, treatment of the panel material is recommended. As described above, you can use stain, varnish or oil in a transparent version or in colour. The choice depends on your personal preference with a view to the end result. By treating plywood, you make sure that the panel no longer works, i.e. it no longer shrinks or swells under certain conditions. For the ends of plywood it is best to use edge sealant for good protection.

Various available colours and types of plywood

OPMAATZAGEN.nl offers you several available colours and types of plywood which you can easily order online. Give us the necessary dimensions and we will cut the plywood sheets to size for you. Then we will deliver it to a location of your choice. Sawing plywood to size is part of our versatile, friendly service. Do you want to order plywood online, but are you not sure which variant to choose? Then contact us without any obligation. We can advise you in choosing from the available colours and types of plywood.

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