The available colours and types of joinery panels

For various available colours and types of joinery panels, you are of course always welcome at We have a nice and varied range of joinery panels for you to get started with. Are you dreading the large amount of sawing work? Not necessarily, because we can do the sawing for you. You can choose from the various colours and types of joinery panels available and let us know during the ordering process in what size you would like the joinery panels to be. We saw the panels to size down to the millimetre, so you don't have to do anything yourself. This way we always offer you a very complete service. You can view the various colours and types of joinery panels available directly online.

What colours of joinery panels are there?

If you want a wide choice of available colours and types of joinery panels, is the right place for you. If we look only at the available colours of joinery panels, there are three beautiful variants within the online range.These are the colours that carpentry panels can have:

The colours of the joinery panels can be changed by varnishing, staining or oiling. With this you can give the material a darker colour or even give it a completely different colour.

What types of joinery panels are there?

Carpentry panels come in a variety of colours, but you also have the choice of several types. At there are four different types of lumber panels available.
These are the types of carpentry panels:

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Various thicknesses of joinery panels available

So, you can come to us for various available colours and types of joinery panels, but you also have the choice of various thicknesses of the panels.
These are the thicknesses of joinery panels:

  • 18 millimeter
  • 19 millimeter
  • 26 millimeter
  • 28 millimeter
  • 40 millimeter

It is important to adjust the thickness of the joinery panels to suit your project. Can't work it out yourself? Then we will be happy to help you. You can always contact our customer service for professional, personal advice.

Several shapes of joinery panels available

Not only can you choose from various thicknesses and available colours and types of joinery panels, but we also offer you the possibility of ordering joinery panels in different shapes. The range of shaped panels is very wide and varied. It includes the following shapes:

  • Whole sheet (unsawn)
  • Cube (closed)
  • Cube (1 side open)
  • Rectangle (sawn)
  • Square
  • Column (closed)
  • Column (bottom open)
  • Circle
  • Semi-circle
  • Triangle

The desired finish of joinery panels

As you have seen, there are many possibilities. You can choose from various available colours and types of joinery panels, as well as panels in various thicknesses and shapes. Ultimately, you always have a wide choice when you want to order lumber panels online. When you make furniture yourself, you can of course finish the panels beautifully. You do this with a clear, transparent finish to retain the original colour. Would you like a different colour? That is of course also possible. You can use chalk paint, oil, stain or varnish to achieve the desired colour. This way you can always easily ensure an end result that perfectly meets your wishes and fits in with your interior.

The joinery panels are available in various colours. If you intend to keep the original colour, you therefore have the choice of different basic shades. Oak joinery panels are the darkest in colour, while spruce joinery panels are the lightest. Many people choose to work with pine joinery panel. This is mainly due to the beautiful, warm appearance of pine that can be perfectly combined with the most diverse of interior styles. Pine panels are certainly preferred for making your own furniture. Of course, you can make more from the panels than just furniture. For example, the joinery panels are often used to make beautiful shelves for the wall.

Buy various available colours and types of lumber panels

You can easily choose online from the various available colours and types of carpentry panels that we offer. will gladly provide you with perfectly dimensioned panels. Simply provide us with the dimensions through the ordering process and we will take care of it for you. We can deliver your order. Would you like more information or advice about the available colours and types of joinery panels? Then contact us without obligation. We will be happy to assist you.

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