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Poplar plywood, or poplar plywood, is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that Poplar Plywood is obtained from European forests that are managed sustainably. The choice for Poplar plywood is therefore a conscious one. Nowadays we are all more aware of the environment, the earth and sustainability. The choice for Poplar plywood fits in well with this. Do you want to buy Poplar plywood? Then OPMAATZAGEN.nl is definitely the right place for you. We offer you a wide choice in our online range and we can cut any order to size.

What exactly is Poplar Plywood?

Plywood is a sheet material consisting of several layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued crosswise, which means that the boards hardly work under the influence of temperature and moisture. This also gives the material its strength. These qualities are better for plywood than for solid wood. This is why in many cases plywood is preferred over solid wood for constructional purposes. Plywood comes in several varieties and one of these isPoplar plywood. This panel material is made from poplar trees. Another well-known and widely used variety is Plywood Birch, or plywood made from birch trees.

The unique appearance of Poplar plywood

The structure of​​​​​​​ Poplar plywood is homogeneous, giving it a very calm appearance. The edges are perfectly finished and it is very rare to find overlaps or gaps in the construction of poplar plywood. The colour can be close to white, but there are also warmer variants. The combination of the homogeneous structure with this colour creates a special appearance which is certainly liked in interiors. This is why Poplar plywood is increasingly being chosen for interior applications. You can use the panel material for the most diverse decorative applications in the home.

Various qualities of Poplar plywood

Poplar plywood not only has a beautiful appearance, but also an excellent quality. Basically, there are two different quality classes, namely quality class B and quality class BB. The poplar plywood boards are MR glued and this corresponds with the EN 314-2 class 1 interior. The material is very durable, which means that you can continue to benefit from its good quality for a long time. The quality is not easily lost and the beautiful appearance is retained for years. We offer you Poplar B/BB quality plywood. This means that one side is of very high quality and that the other side, which is therefore often out of sight, may contain any irregularities. You can think of knots. Due to the homogeneous construction of Poplar plywood, large irregularities hardly ever occur.

Several important advantages of Poplar Plywood

Poplar plywood is a board material that has several important advantages. Firstly, it is very lightweight. This makes it an ideal choice when, for example, you want to make pieces of furniture that must remain easy to move. In addition, Poplar plywood is very strong, despite its light weight, which makes it an excellent load-bearing material. Another important advantage is the ease of maintenance. You do not have to do much to keep Poplar plywood beautiful and of good quality.

What can Poplar Plywood be used for?

Poplar plywood can be used for a wide variety of projects. As we have already indicated, plywood is often preferred over solid wood boards for constructive applications. Plywood can be used to make various types of coverings, for wall panelling or, for example, to make various pieces of furniture. The ends are beautiful to see, so that it is not necessarily necessary to keep them completely out of sight. Poplar plywood is very fine and easy to work with. That is why it can be used to make all sorts of things. Even toys are made of this durable material.

Plywood in various variants

You can order poplar at OPMAATZAGEN.nl You can order Poplar plywood at an attractive price. However, this is certainly not the only kind of plywood we can offer you. Do you want to make something for a damp room at home? Then plywood hardwood is a better choice. Are optimal strength and quality very important? Then you might want to choose​​​​​​​ Plywood Birch, which has a slightly higher quality to offer. There are more variants of plywood in our online range. Of course you can find all the product information for each variant. In addition, we are ready to advise you whenever you need it.

We cut Poplar plywood to size for you

Would you like to buy​​​​​​​ Poplar plywood? Then you don't need to worry about sawing when you order poplar plywood from us. We will saw everything precisely to size for you. For this purpose, it is necessary to indicate during the ordering process which dimensions you need exactly for your project. With Poplar Plywood, the grain pattern always runs lengthwise. This length direction of the wood grain is also used as the length measurement when we saw the panels for you. It is important to take this into account when passing on the dimensions. This way you can be sure that the wood grain runs in the same direction. During the ordering process, you can simply tell us all the dimensions you require so that we can immediately cut your order of Poplar Plywood panels to size for you.

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You can order different kinds of plywood from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. We do not only offer Poplar plywood, but for example also​​​​​​​ Plywood Birch.  Do you want to order  Poplar plywood?  Then you can place your order directly online. We will make sure that the sheets are sawn to size for you, so that you can get started with your project straight away. You can always expect a comprehensive service from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. We can deliver the sawn birch plywood to the address of your choice. Would you like more information or advice about Poplar plywood? Please feel free to contact us.

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