The available thicknesses of Phenolic Plywood

There are several available thicknesses of phenolic plywood to work with. In addition, there are also several standard dimensions of the sheet material available. The standard dimensions at are 250 x 125 centimetres and 305 x 153 centimetres. Of course, we will cut the sheets to size for you if necessary. You can choose from the different variants and the available thicknesses of phenolic plywood. Then you enter the ordering process, where you can easily specify the dimensions you need. We cut the sheets to size and deliver your order to the desired address. Are you not sure what the best choice is from the available thicknesses of phenolic plywood? Then you can always contact us for personal advice.

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What thicknesses of Phenolic Plywood are available?

Sheet material is available in a wide variety of thicknesses. One sheet material can be ordered in many thicknesses, while the choice of other sheet material is more limited. When you want to work with phenolic plywood, you have the choice of five different thicknesses of phenolic plywood. You can choose very thin, but also thicker plates.

The available thicknesses of phenolic plywood at are:

  • 4 millimetres
  • 9 millimetre
  • 12 millimetre
  • 15 millimetre
  • 18 millimetre

Different types of Phenolic Plywood sheets

Of course, there are not only different thicknesses of phenolic plywood boards available. You also have the choice of several types. For example, there are four variants of Phenolic Plywood Birch, namely light brown, dark brown, black and white. There is also Phenolic Plywood Hardwood and you can also choose Phenolic Plywood Anti-slip. Because there is so much variation within the range of Phenolic Plywood sheets, you can always find a variant that perfectly fits your specific project. Choose the right kind of Phenolic Plywood and make a choice from the different available thicknesses of phenolic plywood. Then order online, indicating what size you need. We will cut the sheets to size for you, so you don't have to spend time on sawing.

Bekijk ons assortiment van Phenolic Plywood

What can you make of Phenolic Plywood?

You can make anything out of concrete blocks. When pouring concrete, formwork made of phenolic plywood is used. There is an important reason for this. It is so that cement cannot adhere to phenolic plywood. In addition, of course, it is also true that phenolic plywood is particularly strong, so that the material will not bend under the heavy load of concrete. There are many other applications for Phenolic Plywood. For example, you can make a doghouse, a trailer or a trailer with phenolic plywood. Because of the high quality properties of Phenolic Plywood, the plate material is often used for wall covering in company cars and as floor covering. So you can do anything with phenolic plywood, especially because there are several available thicknesses of Phenolic Plywood for sale.

Why is Phenolic Plywood often the right choice?

Phenolic Plywood is the right choice for many projects, as this board material has many interesting advantages to offer. For example, the sheets are glued water-resistant, so you can count on optimal strength of the sheets and reinforced moisture-resistant properties. In addition, the sheets have a specific finish. They are finished with an epoxy top layer, or a phenolic resin coating. This makes the sheets even stronger and more waterproof. This specific finish also ensures that the sheets are both scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. In short, it is not surprising that the Phenolic Plywood sheets are very popular. When you start working with it, you can enjoy endless advantages.

Treatment of Phenolic Plywood boards is not always necessary

As you can read above, the phenolic plywood boards already have a specific finish. This finish, with an epoxy top layer, ensures that the boards are already of the best quality. They are not only strong, but also waterproof. This means that, in contrast to many other types of board material, phenolic plywood boards have top layers that do not need to be treated additionally. Do you want to make a nice balcony floor? Then you can start right away with the Phenolic Plywood sheets. You don't have to treat them first before using them outdoors, but of course you can. In some cases a minimal treatment is necessary. We will come back to this. Of course, the balcony floor is only an example. Treatment of phenolic plywood is not necessary in the vast majority of cases.

So when is treatment necessary?

You can choose from the different thicknesses of phenolic plywood available to make various outdoor projects such as a balcony floor, to stay with our earlier example. In the base the boards are well suited for this, but it is possible that moisture will penetrate the boards. The top layers are moisture-resistant, but the ends are not. At the ends you can still see the plywood core and moisture can penetrate. You can prevent this by treating the ends with an edge sealer. Then you can finish the ends in the desired colour for a smooth look.

Order one of the available thicknesses of phenolic plywood

You can buy from Phenolic Plywood in verschillende diktes kopen. Of course you can also order more available thicknesses of Phenolic Plywood when needed for your project. We have several types of Phenolic Plywood sheets in our assortment, so we can always deliver what you need. You can easily tell us what size the sheets should have. We can cut the phenolic plywood sheets to size for you. This is part of our extensive service. When your order is complete, we will deliver it to your address. Choose the specific plate you need and select the right thickness from the available Phenolic Plywood plates. Then you can order directly. Would you like more information or do you need advice? Then please contact us.

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