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MDF Black is a special, dark version of MDF. It is an ideal choice when, for example, you want to make a piece of furniture in a dark shade. MDF Black is very colourfast in both artificial and natural light. As a result, this variant of MDF can also be combined well with other types of MDF, such as MDF Paint Carrier, for a nice contrast. Do you want to get started with MDF Black? Then you can buy high quality MDF Black at OPMAATZAGEN.nll. You can order the sheets of MDF Black in the desired dimensions. We will saw everything to size for you, saving you time on the sawing work.

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MDF Black has a moisture-resistant variant

MDF Black can already be made moisture-resistant during the production process. You do not have to treat the boards extra to make them moisture-resistant. These MDF Black V313 boards can easily be used in more humid areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom. This will not cause any problems, as is the case with standard MDF. Standard MDF, in fact, is not moisture-resistant. Do you want to make a dark kitchen or build a bathroom cabinet in a dark colour? Then you can perfectly use MDF Black.

MDF Black offers many finishing options

You can easily process and finish MDF Black. This makes it very easy to have the final look satisfy your wishes. For example, you can use a transparent varnish to finish MDF Black, but waxing or lacquering is also possible. If desired, it is even possible to cover (parts of) MDF Black, for example with door and wall stickers or interior foil.

The difference between MDF Black and regular MDF

What exactly is the difference between MDF Black and regular MDF? Basically it is the same type of board material, namely fibreboard. This means that the boards consist of wood fibres that are compressed under high pressure and high temperature. The main difference is that the colour of MDF Black is different. This is because black pigment is added during the production process. This makes the MDF Black boards dark in the core and not only on the outside. This type of glue is not used in regular MDF Black, making regular MDF Black non-waterproof.

MDF Black boards are not uniformly black

Ultimately, an MDF Black board therefore consists of wood fibres, which are mixed with black pigment during the production process. This means that MDF Black boards are not uniformly black. They can better be seen as blended. Of course, it is relatively easy to obtain an intense black colour when the basis is already very dark. You can simply paint the MDF Black boards with a brush or roller. Spraying the boards is also possible, depending on your wishes. In the end, a nice even result is achieved.

MDF Black is easy to process

MDF Black falls under the category of fibreboards and this means that the board material is easy to process. The boards do not splinter when you saw or mill them. Incidentally, you do not need to saw the MDF Black boards to size when you buy them at OPMAATZAGEN.nl. We make sure everything is already cut to size for you. You don't even need to prime the V313 variant of the MDF Black boards first, as they are already moisture-resistant and coloured. If desired, you can immediately paint over them with the appropriate lacquer. Do you wish to make the MDF Black boards extra moisture-resistant? Then it is advisable to first prime the boards. This ensures that the lacquer adheres better, making the boards more moisture-resistant.

Several types of MDF within the range

You can find different types of MDF in the assortment of OPMAATZAGEN.nl. Of course, which variant is best for you depends mainly on the final application. MDF Black V313 is an excellent choice if you want to make dark furniture pieces for moist areas, such as the bathroom. Do you wish to use MDF outdoors? Then it is important to choose from the MDF Exterior or Tricoya variants. For indoor use, in dry areas, you can opt for the standard MDF Black variant, for MDF Paint Carrier or, for example, for MDF Clear. Of course, we can always advise you in making your choice from our online range.

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Of course, you are always welcome to order MDF Black from us. We offer several variants within our range, such as boards in various thicknesses. You can immediately order the desired type of MDF Black at a competitive price. You can indicate what dimensions you require. We will then ensure that the MDF Black boards are sawn to size down to the millimetre for you. We ensure that your order is delivered to the desired location. Would you like to order MDF Black, but do you want to be advised first? Then get in touch with us. We will gladly inform and advise you about the MDF Black boards.

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