Ordering green MDF, what is that?

MDF with a green core

For the sake of convenience, in MDF damp-proofing sometimes not the entire board, but only the core, is coloured green. This is because MDF is made in three layers and therefore only one layer needs to be given the colour. If you order MDF with a green core, you will therefore always get moisture-resistant MDF. In addition, the top layer remains uncoloured, so the natural brown colour that blank MDF also has remains. This can be useful for the finishing and treatment of the board.

Applications (green) MDF

MDF is a versatile board material. It can therefore be used in many places and in many ways. It is often used to make furniture and to finish interiors. Moisture-resistant MDF is not only suitable for use in dry areas but also in humid rooms. It is therefore also suitable for use in making bathroom furniture, for example. Green MDF is a good choice if your job is to be finished in a green colour. You then only need to finish it or, if you want a more even result, paint it green. If drill holes occur in the board, they will also be coloured green, giving it a somewhat neater look.

Order green MDF

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