The available thicknesses of OSB

There are several available thicknesses of OSB within the range of OSB is Oriented Strand Board and is a board material that consists of wood chips which are compressed into a strong board. The most important advantage of OSB is its recyclability. It is 100 per cent recyclable and this applies to all available thicknesses of OSB. By choosing this board material, you are making an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. You can find 3 available thicknesses of OSB at

What thicknesses of OSB are available?

At you can find 3 available thicknesses of OSB within the online range. The thicknesses of OSB are:

  • 9 millimetres
  • 11 millimetres
  • 18 millimetres

Which thickness is most suitable for your project obviously depends on the specific application for which you need the board material. OSB can be applied in many different ways.

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OSB consists of compressed wood chips

OSB is not a solid wood panel, but is covered by the same variants as, for example chipboard and MDF. It is a board material made of small pieces - or flakes - of wood. These pieces of wood are mixed with a binder and then pressed together under high pressure. This creates a strong board. There is, however, an important difference between the production of OSB and that of chipboard or MDF. Considerably less energy is used in the production process of OSB. In addition, no formaldehyde is released during the production of OSB, which is the case with the production of MDF and chipboard, making OSB a better choice from an environmental and sustainability point of view.

Important benefits of OSB

A good advantage of OSB is of course that there are several available thicknesses of OSB. The choice of three available thicknesses of OSB makes it easy to adapt the thickness of the board material to the specific application. The board material is environmentally friendly and sustainable. OSB offers twice the insulation efficiency of most other board materials. The board material can therefore be excellently used for insulation work.

OSB deforms on contact with moisture

All available thicknesses OSB have the potential to attract moisture. This explains why OSB should in principle never be used outdoors or in a damp room indoors. Moisture has a negative effect on the board material. OSB projects that are placed in damp rooms should first be treated properly.

Treating OSB for protection against moisture

Of course, you may want to use OSB in a damp room. Without treatment this is strongly advised against, for the reasons stated above, but you can treat the boards to ensure good protection against moisture. This applies to all available thicknesses of OSB. The best way to treat the boards is to start with a good impregnation agent. After impregnating the boards, you can apply stain over them to make the protection complete. If you follow this treatment, it is possible to use OSB boards in damp rooms or even outside.

The machinability of OSB

OSB platen  are easy to paint, stain or lacquer in the desired colour. In addition, OSB is excellent to work with. Drilling, nailing, sawing and milling are no problem. However, it is important to keep a distance of about 10 centimetres from the edge of the board. In this way, you can easily prevent the board from crumbling or splitting. Precisely because OSB plates are easy to process, more and more private individuals choose this plate material for making various pieces of furniture. Many cupboards have been fitted with strong OSB boards that can withstand heavier loads.

Three available thicknesses of OSB buy at

At you can buy three available thicknesses of OSB, namely 9 millimetres, 11 millimetres and 18 millimetres. When placing your order you can tell us what dimensions you need. We can then saw the OSB sheets to size for you. Would you like to order OSB sheets, but do you find it difficult to make a good choice from the available OSB thicknesses? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly inform and advise you.

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