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MDF moisture-resistant is the right choice if you want to use MDF boards in damp rooms in the house, such as in the bathroom. Of course, you can treat standard MDF to make it moisture-resistant, but if you want to save yourself the time and trouble, it is also possible to buy moisture-resistant MDF directly. You can save even more time and effort by buying damp-proof MDF from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. You will find several variants in our range. We cut everything to size, exactly the way you want it, so you don't have to bother with the sawing. You can immediately get to work with the MDF moisture-resistant boards for your project.

MDF moisture-resistant is different from standard MDF

People who often work with MDF know that the fibreboard is not moisture-resistant. Standard MDF is therefore not suitable for use in damp rooms. Standard MDF consists of compressed wood fibres that retain their absorbent properties. As a result, these boards absorb moisture quickly, which results in a sharp decline in quality within a short period of time. Therefore, standard MDF boards are not suitable for applications in damp rooms or even outdoors. If you want to make something for the bathroom, such as a beautiful bathroom cabinet, you will need to make MDF moisture-resistant before use or you can buy moisture-resistant MDF directly.

Another production process for MDF moisture-proofing

In principle, the production process of MDF moisture-resistant is the same as that of regular MDF. However, modifications are made to the process to ensure that the MDF board actually becomes moisture resistant. To achieve this for the MDF damp-proofing boards, a different type of glue is used during the production process. This glue provides the moisture-resistant property, making the MDF moisture-resistant boards suitable for application in damp rooms.

MDF V313 is specially developed MDF

Several types of MDF carry the additional designation 'V313'. This indicates that the MDF variant is moisture-resistant. This is, for example, also the case with black MDF, which is also well suited for application in damp spaces.MDF V313 has been specially developed for use in damp rooms. When you use regular MDF in a humid environment, the board material will expand and lose a large part of its strength and quality. This will not happen with the specially developed MDF V313 variants, which include MDF moisture-resistant.

MDF moisture-resistant or MDF water-repellent?

A misconception is that MDF moisture-resistant can be used perfectly well outdoors, where it is exposed to rain, among other things. MDF moisture-resistant is not suitable for this purpose. The fact is that moisture-resistant and water-repellent are not the same thing. If you wish to use MDF outdoors, you can opt for  MDF exterior or MDF Tricoya.

What are the advantages of MDF moisture-resistant?

MDF moisture-resistant brings with it several advantages, making it an excellent choice in many cases. Firstly, warping does not occur with moisture-resistant MDF. This is because fibreboards do not warp and can only work. These boards have been specially developed for use in damp rooms, so that working of the material hardly occurs. The bending strength is particularly high and the wear and tear resistance is very high. Therefore, you can be sure of a durable result when you start working with MDF moisture-resistant. You can easily nail and screw into the boards because MDF moisture resistant is very easy to process. This of course also ensures that you can use moisture-resistant MDF for the most diverse applications. Make shelves of it for the cellar, a nice trolley for the kitchen or a nice bathroom cabinet to store towels.

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Do you want to get started with high-quality, durable and reliable MDF moisture-resistant? Then you can buy moisture resistant MDF at OPMAATZAGEN.nl. Let us know the dimensions you need during the ordering process and we will cut the board to size for you. Then we'll deliver it to your door! You can always buy low-priced MDF at OPMAATZAGEN.nl in different variants. Place your order now or contact us if you have any questions about the MDF moisture-resistant boards.

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