MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer

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Product information

  • Fibreboard with a natural, wooden look
  • Popular rustic walnut look
  • Indistinguishable from solid wood when neatly finished with veneer banding
  • Easy to process
  • For indoor use only


MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer variant for use in damp rooms. A bathroom cabinet is an example for which MDF moisture-resistant is the perfect solution. The board consists of wood fibres that have been compressed under high pressure, and in the case of MDF damp-proofing, a special water-resistant adhesive has been used for this purpose. In addition to these handy water-resistant properties, the board has a natural real wood veneer which gives it a beautifully elegant finish.

Furthermore, the veneer layer is composed of rustic oak. This rustic look is characterised by knots, cracks, colour variations and a pronounced grain pattern. The veneer often shows the visual signs of the original tree, giving it a warm and characterful aesthetic. The top layers and end edges have yet to be treated.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)750
Face gradeA/B+
Thickness19 mm
Type MDF V313
VariantMDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer
GrainYes, lengthwise
Application (climate)Humid areas, if pre-treated
Wood type of surface layerWalnut
Functional useDecorative
Colour shadeNatural / None
Glue typeMR, Interior
Sheet structureFibreboard
Top layer typeVeneer layer
Top layer2 sides

Order MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer to size online

Order your cut-to-size MDF damp-proofing boards easily online. MDF can be cut or milled to size in various shapes. The most popular shape here is a rectangle, but we also mill circles, ovals, hexagons or even parallelograms to size for you. Do you want a neat finish for your DIY project? Then choose one of the available (edge) finishes.

MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer: what is it?

MDF moisture-resistant is a broadly applicable board suitable for various interior panelling applications where the space is humid, such as in bathrooms and kitchens. The V313 characteristic comes from the test for water resistance that the board material undergoes, called V313. It indicates that the board is not only water-resistant, but also water- and mould-resistant. Note that the board is not waterproof! water-resistant MDF boards are composed of dried wood fibres and glue. These wood fibres are then compressed under high pressure and temperatures to form an MDF board. In MDF moisture-resistant, a special, water-resistant type of glue is used. To enhance the water-resistant properties, the material is pressed under a higher pressure compared to MDF blank. The extra-hard pressing makes this type of wood easy to work with. water-resistant MDF boards can be recognised by their green core. MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer is not suitable for outdoor use.

MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer, sheet material with a natural top layer

Unlike melaminated board material, the top layer of veneered panels is a layer of real wood. This gives the material a calm, natural look. Because it is a natural product, there may be colour and texture differences between different panels. No two panels are the same. In addition, it is important that this panel is finished with a lacquer or oil as desired. This prevents discolouration and preserves the top layer. 

Veneered board material has the big advantage over solid board material that it does not warp. The MDF core of this board material gives it the advantages of MDF, but the appearance of solid and natural wood.

American walnut

Wood veneers with American walnut appearance have a warm and rich aesthetic, characterized by a deep brown color with prominent dark veins and stripes. The veneer often exhibits a distinctive grain pattern with contrasting lighter and darker tones.

The appearance of American walnut veneer is classic and timeless, making it suitable for a variety of interior styles. The color of the veneer usually ranges from medium brown to dark brown, sometimes tending to a hint of red, depending on the specific source and treatment of the wood.

American walnut wood veneer is often valued for its elegant and sophisticated appearance, and it can be used for furniture, cabinets, interior finishes and decorative elements. Its distinctive grain pattern and deep, warm color allow American Walnut veneer to be incorporated into a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, adding a sense of luxury and timeless beauty to the interior.

The look of rustic veneer

Wood veneers with a rustic look have a natural and raw charm characterised by features such as knots, cracks, colour variations and a pronounced grain pattern. The veneer often shows the visual signs of the original tree, giving it a warm and characterful aesthetic.

The rustic properties of this veneer are sought after because of the organic look they add to surfaces. The presence of knots, small openings where branches once grew, and cracks give a sense of authenticity and history. Colour variations and a distinctive grain pattern can add to the natural and aged look.

Wood veneer with a rustic look often goes well with traditional, country and craft design styles. It brings a warm and cosy atmosphere to interiors and can be used for furniture, wall coverings and other decorative applications where the emphasis is on embracing the natural beauty of the wood.

Available thicknesses of MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer

You can order water-resistant MDF boards online in various thicknesses. So you can be sure that the board material meets your requirements: both the size and thickness of the material. The following thicknesses are available: 19 mm.

Editing MDF damp-proofing boards

MDF is very easy to work with: when milled and sawed, the material does not splinter. To do justice to the water-resistant properties of water-resistant MDF, it is important to seal the board properly. The top and bottom edges can be sealed with a primer or lacquer coating. The end edges deserve some extra attention. MDF fibres themselves have an absorbent effect. With MDF moisture-resistant this is less than MDF blank, yet it is still important to treat these with an edge sealer. Moreover, primer acts as a bonding agent, which will make the final lacquer layer look nicer.

Specific uses of MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer

MDF is the material of choice for furniture and interior applications. This can be a cabinet, a wall or an entire surround. With this water-resistant variant, furniture is also suitable in the bathroom, garage or kitchen. Examples of projects include a partition wall in the bathroom or a window sill. Thanks to the decorative top layer of real wood, MDF Water-resistant Walnut American rustic veneer is extremely suitable for making bathroom furniture, kitchen cabinets and other furniture that is exposed to high humidity with some regularity.

Alternatives to water-resistant MDF

Looking for a type of wood suitable for outdoor applications? Then go for MDF tricoya. If your board material will be used in dry conditions, you can go for the more budget-friendly option: MDF Natural. Or check out all our other MDF board materials here.

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