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Sheet material is available in different sizes. The thickness of the sheet material can also vary. Depending on the type of board material, there are many or few different thicknesses available. For example, fibre boards are often available in more thicknesses than boards that are made up of multiple veneer layers. MDF, as fibreboard, is a board material available in many thicknesses. The most popular thicknesses of MDF are 18 mm and 12 mm. These thicknesses are popular because they are often used in furniture construction, where MDF is often used. The range of thicknesses, however, differs per variant of MDF. We will therefore briefly list the variants:

MDF in choice of thickness with hollow core board

Do you want a thicker plank of MDF? You can! With a hollow board you can determine the thickness of your board yourself. A hollow board is made by mitre sawing three MDF boards and then gluing them together. This creates a board with an open space in the middle and an open back. To support the plank, planks are placed in the middle made of blank MDF.

A hollow plank has a number of advantages over a solid plank. First of all, a hollow plank can be made in a greater thickness than a solid plank. Ideal for building shelves and other furniture. In addition, a hollow MDF board with a top layer, such as MDF Paint Carrier and MDF Ground, also has this top layer on the front, because the front is made of a separate MDF board. This gives a hollow board a more finished appearance. Also, when making a hollow board, the board material is treated more sustainably. For many applications, including construction, a board thicker than 5.0 cm is more than strong enough for load-bearing constructions. When making furniture, it is even excessively strong. By using a hollow board, you save material that can be used again for other parts while your project does not suffer structurally.

Order MDF in various thicknesses

Do you want to order MDF online in the thickness of your choice? You can! At OPMAATZAGEN.nl we have a wide range of MDF available in different thicknesses. Once you have made your choice, you can have your MDF cut to size in our sawmill. In addition to shapes such as rectangles and squares, we can also do this in triangles and even circles. After we have sawn the material to size, we can also apply all kinds of shapes. For example, we can mitre, round and chamfer the ends. Naturally, we do all the sawing with millimetre precision.

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