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Product information

  • Does not splinter
  • Easy to work
  • Strong material with high flexural strength
  • Hard and ready-to-use surface
  • Coloured black throughout
  • High compression


HDF Black is a structural board from the FINSA brand. It is often used for bathrooms, kitchens and, for example, changing rooms, gyms or saunas. Compacmel Plus HDF Black comes in a thoroughly black colour as standard. Thanks to the high pressing, the material is more moisture-resistant than MDF. The high load-bearing capacity also ensures that this material can be used in many pieces of intensively used furniture.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)1100
Thickness8 mm, 13 mm
Type HDF
VariantHDF Black
Application (climate)Humid areas
Wood type of surface layerHDF
Functional useBouw- en timmerhout, Decoratief
ColourBlack / Grey
Quality markFSC Mix Credit
Top layer typeUnfinished
Top layerTo the core

Order HDF Black cut to size online

HDF, the stronger brother of MDF. Less well known, but at least as interesting! Build beautiful and functional rooms with HDF panels. Order HDF board material online cut to the millimetre. We will deliver the panel fully custom-made to your home. Are you curious about the possibilities? Configure your product, and you will have your project ready in no time.

HDF Black: wat is dat?

HDF is a strong, hard-pressed board. The name HDF stands for High Pressure Laminate. HDF is the powerful brother of MDF. Due to the high pressure applied during pressing, the board is sturdier and stronger than MDF. Because its absorbency decreases as the pressure increases, this board is also more resistant to moisture than normal MDF. This makes HDF, also because of its price, an excellent alternative to HPL compact boards.

The sturdiness of HDF makes Compacmel Plus boards suitable for areas where humidity and intensive furniture use play a major role. You can think of bathrooms and kitchens but also, for example, changing rooms in gyms or saunas. HDF carriers are not waterproof and therefore not suitable for direct exposure to large amounts of moisture or for outdoor applications. For these applications, HPL compact boards or MDF tricoya are better suited.


We know MDF as a very universally useful panel. HDF is a somewhat less well-known panel, but it does have a number of advantages over MDF. For instance, it is a lot firmer than MDF and, without special gluing, also more moisture-resistant. The choice between MDF and HDF is mainly made based on the use of the furniture. This is because HDF is more expensive than MDF, but much more durable in use, making it last much longer as a door or worktop than MDF. In short, if it is used purely decoratively or sporadically, MDF is the right option. Does it involve furniture with a high intensity of use? Then HDF is the proper choice.

Application examples with MDF

  • Furniture in general
  • Framing
  • Decorative applications
  • Wall panels
  • Cabinets

Examples of applications with HDF

  • Doors
  • Mudguards
  • Furniture with intensive use: lockers, worktops, etc.
  • Wall panels for areas with higher humidity, such as toilets and kitchens.
  • Counters, counters and tables in public areas such as schools, restaurants and hospitals.

Cut-to-size FINSA Compacmel Plus panels

FINSA is inspired by the convergence of technology and creativity. Whereas the extensive product line of superPan panels also bets on the different decors, Compacmel Plus mainly bets on the powerful properties of the carrier. With Compacmel Plus, FINSA offers a perfect alternative solution between MDF furniture panel and HPL compact boards. Its moisture-resistant properties, high load-bearing capacity and relatively low production costs create an interesting product. This makes FINSA a major player in the furniture panel department.

FINSA Compacmel Plus HDF Black

HDF Black forms the basis for the melaminated Compacmel Plus boards. This board is supplied in black HDF throughout as standard. So unlike many other panels in the Compacmel Plus collection, this board does not have a melamine top layer! There are also more colourful variants with a melamine top layer. We offer these on Compacmel Plus or superPan carriers, among others. These panels contain melamine top layers from the Gama Duo collection and therefore have a one-to-one colour match. We also have many other types of melamine from other manufacturers. For all our melaminated boards, check out our melamine product page.

The sturdiness of HDF makes Compacmel Plus boards highly suitable for areas where moisture resistance and intensive furniture use are a major concern. Compacmel Plus is therefore an ideal solution for the handyman looking for a golden middle ground between MDF and HPL compact boards. It has the strength and machinability close to HPL compact boards, but at the same time a lower price tag. Although it cannot be used outdoors, it can be used just fine in rooms with high humidity. Due to the more compact pressing of the HDF, screws also grip the material better than with normal MDF.

FINSA sample service

Curious about this material? Order a sample on the website van FINSA. Rate the material and then have it cut to size delivered to your home by the online sawmill.

Available thicknesses of HDF Black

You can easily choose the available thicknesses of HDF Black via the product configurator.

Processing HDF

HDF has the advantage of being an easily machinable carrier board. This is because the material is HDF, a more compact and stronger variant of MDF. The material splinters less and holds screws better than normal MDF. While mounting the board material, it is advisable to screw the screws on the back or bottom side (be careful not to go through the material!). That way, the screw holes are not visible. Are you going to mount on the visible side? Then the screw holes can easily be concealed with some filler, sanding and varnish or paint.

Specific applications of HDF

HDF Black is a versatile product allowing it to be used for many purposes. Bathrooms, libraries, restaurants and cafés as well as changing rooms in gyms and swimming pools are transformed into elegant and practical spaces with the right processing and application. With its constructive properties, HDF can be used for many interior applications. Non-melaminated board materials, when used decoratively, still need to be finished with a lacquer or paint.

Alternatives to HDF

Is HDF Black not the right choice for your job after all? Are you looking for a basic material to finish yourself? Then take a look at MDF film. This board material is easy to paint with in your favourite colour.

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