You can get round wood at TOSIZE!

Cutting sheet material to size

At you can easily order a variety of sheet materials to be sawn round. All you have to do is give us the diameter and we will saw it to size, down to the last millimetre. Examples of board material that can be cut to size are MDF, Carpentry panels, Furniture panels, Chipboard, Plywood, Concreteplex and OSB.

The diameter of the round sheet can be up to 1.0 centimetre less than the width of the whole sheet. This enables our sawing specialists to saw a nice circle. The final diameter depends on the dimensions of the board material. Many sawmills will have a small hole in the middle of the material. This is used for support while sawing. At, however, we can saw round without this support, which means that your round sawn plate material will be completely smooth!

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Applications round sawn sheets

It is of course very nice that sheet material can be sawn round, but what can you do with it? Make a table top for example! A good example are the tabletops we sawed for the oil barrels of a customer, You can find the result on our blog. Of course, it can also be used for a lot of decorative purposes. Do you have any ideas for what you can do with sawn round material? Let us know about it!

In addition to the possibility of sawing round sheets, there are also other shapes. You can have sheets sawn into squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids and parallelograms. We can also finish the ends. We saw the end edges with a mitre, but we can also bevel and round them. In addition, we can also apply a hollow profile or a quarter-round to the end edges.

Would you like to have round sawn sheet material for your job? You can! Order your plate material quickly and easily at In our webshop we have a wide range of wood and board material. When ordering, you can indicate that you would like to have your board material sawn round and what diameter it should have. We will then immediately get to work and deliver all the parts to your door!

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