Ordering white hardboard online? You can at TOSIZE

Hardboard is a thin and hard board material in the board family. It is made of small wood fibres that are pressed into a board. In this process, hardboard does not use any glue. Because of this, it is not recommended to sand hardboard in order to then paint it in a colour, e.g. white. Sanding affects the structural integrity of the board and makes it break down faster. Should you still want white v, or paint hardboard, you can opt for lacquer board. Hardboard white is a hardboard variant that has been given a white plastic top layer. As a result, you no longer need to paint the board if you want a white hardboard board, or you can lightly sand and paint the material in any colour you want without any problems!

To-size hardboard white (lacquered board)

Hardboard white is often cut to size before use.

Having hardboard cut into a rectangle or square

Rectangles and squares are the most popular shapes of sheet material. These shapes can be applied in many ways. For lakboard, these shapes are often used as back panels for cabinets. We can also further finish squares and rectangles.

Ordering hardboard white online

Order white hardboard online at OPMAATZAGEN.nl! Through our web shop you can easily and quickly order white hardboard and much more custom-made board material. You will find it in our range under the name Lacquerboard. When ordering, enter the desired shapes and dimensions. Once you have completed your order, we will start working for you immediately. When all the sawing work has been completed, you can expect it at home soon. You can choose which day and time the order should arrive, convenient, isn't it? Quickly order hardboard wit online and start your new job!

Wit hardboard (Lakboard) online bestellen!