HPL facade panels

Doing jobs with HPL doesn't have to be difficult. Many others have gone before you. On the DIY blog of OPMAATZAGEN.nl, we have collected all projects with HPL cladding panels for you so that you can get started well prepared. HPL is the abbreviation for High Pressure Laminate, better known as laminate or plastic sheet. It is a very strong sheet material that is compressed under high pressure and finished with a hard transparent synthetic resin top layer. The material is quite scratch-resistant and very strong; ideal! Cutting HPL to size is conveniently done with a machine, or - much easier - you have it cut-to-size by OPMAATZAGEN.nl. By cutting it to size by machine, you get a tight result and are not left with leftover pieces. HPL does not hold dirt, which is why it is ideal for finishing your premises, dressing up a shed. But it can also be used indoors for, for instance, doors, desk tops or other decorative applications.

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