Wall-filling bookcase made of 30mm plywood, by Wouter

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2 minutes

Wall-filling bookcase

A wall-filling bookcase with a playful layout, to give an empty space in the house a better and more meaningful function

Custom square and straight sawn sheet material /h3>

Exactly one year ago my house was renovated. An extension of 12m2 has been realized at the rear. The new kitchen has been installed in this extension. I live in a 1930s house, which means that the original kitchen was a separate room. For this vacated space I had the freedom to choose a new position. Before the renovation I had two large bookcases full of books in the dining room, but due to the renovation there was no room for them anymore. Although more living space means less space...

The old kitchen could therefore be transformed into a library. A large book wall with a playful layout. A comrade had previously had a large number of planks cut to size at OPMAATZAGEN.nl and advised me to use this site as well. After countless sketches and measurements and more measurements, I opted for 30mm thick plywood. Passed on the measurements and the planks were delivered the day before Christmas. Christmas Day is an ideal job day. Nice music there. I did all the connections with dowels. Then it is ideal if the wood is sawn perpendicular and straight. And that's it!

An old house means with great certainty that the walls be crooked. So some things need to be done around the bookcase. But the materials supplied by OPMAATZAGEN.nl have been installed and it was a pleasure to work!

A large cabinet

2280x1650mm /p>

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