Wall cabinet made of multiplex hardwood, by Jeroen

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3 minutes

Description by Jeroen

Space is limited in an apartment in Amsterdam. Every square meter must be used as efficiently as possible. That's why I made a cupboard to match the house. The books and LPs were previously stored in 2 rooms, in an IKEA cupboard and old fruit crates. I'm not a big fan of Ikea (everything looks the same) and I wanted to make something myself.

How I made this project

In the living room, 1 wall is offset, about 22 centimeters. The cupboard had to be this deep so that it looks more like a built-in cupboard. I first measured all the books, records and record player and determined how much shelf space would be needed to accommodate everything. Then I made a number of drawings and often adjusted them and measured everything 3 times so that I would not make any mistakes. The result was a 'shopping list' with the necessities on it. I wouldn't describe myself as handy and I don't really have any tools either.

Collecting all the materials

The supplies are freely available, my first option is often the Gamma, because it is somewhat close to. I had read some reviews (not very accurate) and it would still be quite a challenge logistically.

A few more comparisons online and I was sure about OPMAATZAGEN.nl. I was very happy when I saw the website, it was exactly what I needed. I completed my shopping list and the wood was delivered not long after. I live on the first floor, the wood was delivered to the living room, complete and accurate to the millimeter.

Making the cupboard

There are undoubtedly better ways to make a cupboard. but I chose this method (see photos). I made several parts, which were later pieced together. I also painted the cabinet white, which makes the cabinet appear less present.

In addition to the wood, I used screws and reinforcing corners (that's what the iron plates are called according to the internet). What made it difficult is that the floor is not straight and the angle of the walls is not 90 degrees.

The end result

Once the job started it turned out to be easier and faster. going than I thought. Painting took most of the time. I am very pleased with the result. I now plan to make another cupboard myself, again in size and contents tailored to the house and my things. I'm working on drawing now. Perhaps I will share the result again, I will use the same style (if that is the case).

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