TV cabinet with specially equipped space PS5, by Mylou

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Description of Mylou

I made a TV cabinet from 18mm plywood interior poplar, with sliding doors from 6mm plywood interior poplar. It was especially important to me that my PlayStation had a nice place. However, a small design flaw was that the PS5 could not properly dissipate its heat in the case. That's why I drilled two large holes in the back and installed a special PS5 fan. Now the heat is dissipated efficiently and the PlayStation no longer overheats, allowing it to function smoothly.

How I made this project

I completed this project by milling grooves for the sliding doors using an edge cutter in both the top and bottom leaves. I also used dowels for the wood connections, which provided extra stability and durability. I placed a board at the back for extra strength. This board also includes holes for cable entry and ventilation of the PlayStation, to ensure heat can be dissipated efficiently and cables stay neatly organised.

Dimensions of my DIY project

p>120x40x45 (lxwxh) with legs the cabinet is almost 10 cm higher.

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