Tight MDF cove made to measure: quickly delivered and installed by Mika

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2 minutes

A new dimension in your interior with a homemade MDF cove

Have you ever thought about adding an elegant touch to your living room or kitchen? Mika shows how to make a stylish statement with a homemade MDF cove. This do-it-yourself project was quickly delivered by OPMAATZAGEN.nl and tailor-made for the perfect fit in your home.

The finesse of customization

The strength of this project lies in detail. Mika has designed a cove that fits seamlessly with the existing interior style. The cove, made of MDF Primed 12 mm, has a smooth finish and a sleek design, which provides a modern and tidy appearance. The natural color of the MDF offers peace and continuity with the light walls and wooden furniture in the room.

Customization in practice

This project shows the potential of custom wood . Mika chose OPMAATZAGEN.nl to saw the MDF, which allowed for a seamless installation, without spending hours with a saw and measuring tape. The importance of well-prepared custom wood cannot be underestimated, and this project shows how it simplifies assembly and leads to a refined end result.

The right style in the living room

The stylish cove fits perfectly in the living room with its subtle presence and is both functional and decorative. It contributes to the acoustics of the room and provides a hidden place for lighting or wiring. The choice to make the cove himself has given Mika the freedom to choose not only the dimensions, but also the finish and style completely according to his wishes.

Benefits of DIY

Make your own Making a cove has its advantages. Not only do you have complete control over the dimensions and material, but it also offers you the opportunity to save considerably on costs. And with a partner like OPMAATZAGEN.nl, who supplies the MDF perfectly to size, half of the work is already done.

Finishing Touch: the style of Mika's Koof

p>The final style of Mika's cove is modern and minimalist, fitting in an interior where clean lines and soft colors predominate. The project has been fully completed with careful finishes that merge with the environment.

The Advantages of MDF Primed 12 mm

The use of MDF Primed 12 mm brings several advantages. It is not only a stable and durable material, but also easy to process and paint. The base coat provides a good basis for any painting technique, which makes completing this project easier.

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How next?

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