Self-made paneling made of MDF, by Michaela

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Is it difficult to make authentic panelling yourself? Not with the right preparation. In this DIY project, Micheala shows how she made a beautiful wall panelling from custom-cut MDF. Her approach produces very beautiful results.

Description by Micheala

Wood panelling based on English Edwardian style (ca 1900). I love old and beautiful, so what could be better than period style wood panelling and wallpaper?

How I did this project

1) Measure walls and draw a room plan. Label each wall section (eg, W1 / W1.1, etc). Also measure and mark obstacles (e.g. windows, radiators, doors)
2) Find a panel spacing that works relatively evenly on all walls (in my case it was 40-43 centimeters) to create optical equality (*hardest point*)
3) Mark all panels on the wall 1:1 to check the calculations
4) Write down each drawn panel with the required dimensions and placement on a piece of paper (e.g.: Wall1, 97x10cm *4 pieces)
5) Order panels and have them labeled with the correct wall name
6) Sort the panels you receive and place them in the noted positions
7) Fix the wall panels with assembly adhesive and paint them

Dimensions of my DIY project

For me: approx. 10 meters, but it's different for everyone

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How next?

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