Removable roundels and tiles for potter's wheel, by Victor

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For pottery, Victor custom-made washers in moisture-resistant MDF. He used material cut to size in a thickness of 9 and 25 mm. By finishing the panels with the milling cutter, a practical and beautiful result was created.

Description of the Victor

These roundels allow you to work a large number of parts on the lathe, replacing simply the tile on which the piece rests with another.

How I carried out this project

Made from Water-Repellent MDF V313 25mm and 9mm), the tiles and the roundels were machined with a router, after dimensioning with the table saw: additional milling for the insertion of the tiles into their housing (8mm cutter and 24mm/40mm rings), chamfers on the sharp edges of the roundels. The properties of MDF V313 limit deformations linked to the humidity of the potter's work. No finish has been applied, to preserve a little breathing and improve the drying of the pottery.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Rounds: 34.0 cm (2 pieces )
Tiles: 20.0 x 20.0 cm (30 pieces)

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