Make your own tablet/laptop charging station from MDF, by Jim

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Could not find a decent charging station that also fits Tablets with Slim Folio (30 mm width of tray). So I designed it myself with fire-resistant MDF and placed a USB hub behind it.

Making a loading dock for laptops

I pre-drilled all screw connections, galvanized them and used wood glue. For this project I used 4mm x 50mm screws. All edges are nicely rounded so you won't hurt anything. I marked the screw holes on the bottom plate, then secured the top plate to the bottom plate in exactly the right place with two glue clamps and then drilled through and through. Drill the holes in the bottom and base plate with 4mm! so that the cross planks (pre-drilled with 2.5 mm) are also properly tightened when you screw them in place.

Custom loading dock

610x250x286 mm

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