Make kitchen skirting boards yourself with MDF panels, by Ron

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3 minutes

DIY Kitchen Skirting: A Project by Ron

Do you like your kitchen to shine with a professional finish, but your budget is holding you back? Then we have good news for you! Ron shows how you can use MDF panels cut to size to make your own kitchen skirting boards that are just as good as those made by the farmer's skirting boards. Be inspired by his project and discover how you can realize this smart design in your kitchen.

Custom-sawn MDF: The basis for success

When successfully setting up a DIY project do-it-yourself project such as kitchen skirting boards, precision is crucial. Ron chose MDF Blank 18 mm, which he had cut to size by He took advantage of their service to make the skirting boards exactly fit for his kitchen. With the exact dimensions and clean lines, he has achieved a result that gives his kitchen a luxurious look.

The choice of MDF and the finish

MDF is a popular material for handymen and do-it-yourselfers. -it-yourselfers. Ron's choice for MDF Blank 18 mm was not only budget-friendly, but it also gave him the freedom to add a personal touch to the skirting boards. He chose a neutral color that matches the design of his kitchen and treated the material so that it is durable and easy to maintain.

Why these kitchen skirting boards are perfect for your kitchen

Kitchen skirting boards are not only aesthetic; they also protect the underside of your kitchen cabinets from dust and damage. By making kitchen skirting boards yourself, you can adjust the size and style to your own wishes and enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Ron's kitchen skirting boards fit perfectly in his modern kitchen due to their sleek lines and subtle color. Moreover, making it yourself was a lot cheaper than purchasing it from a skirting board supplier.

Flexibility and Budget: Two birds with one stone

By getting started himself, Ron created a custom solution that fits seamlessly with the rest of his kitchen. He had the freedom to adjust the thickness and width of the skirting boards and chose a color that complements his floor and cabinets. The use of MDF also made this project a lot more budget-friendly compared to ready-made solutions.

The finish: A sleek modern design

The project has been beautifully completed with a sleek modern style that adds to the overall look of the kitchen. The seamless connection of the skirting boards gives the room a coherent appearance and shows that this DIY project would not be out of place for a professional. Ron's attention to detail and his choice of minimalist handles complete the design.

Advantages of MDF Blank 18 mm

The advantages of MDF are numerous, but specifically the MDF Blank 18mm version that Ron used has some unique features. It is a stable and easy to work material, ideal for both experienced handymen and beginners. The panels are moisture resistant, making them ideal for use in the kitchen and they are easy to varnish or paint in any color you prefer.

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