Homemade multiplex shelving unit

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I made a plywood shelving unit for the kitchen. We saw a beautiful shelving unit in a furniture store, but both the size and the desired color were not available. Decided to make the cupboard myself.

How did you make your cupboard?

I downloaded a drawing instruction and first made a drawing using drawing instructions. Then ordered the wood based on the drawing. I watched several instructional videos on the internet. The wood was delivered on time and the job could begin.

Order of assembly:

  1. First sanded all ends of the plywood and varnished 3 times. This is because I wanted to keep them visible.

  2. All mounting locations were marked and covered with tape.

  3. All planks were primed

  4. Mold made for drilling the holes for the dowels.

  5. Gluing the planks together

  6. Sanding and finishing
  7. li>
  8. Assembling doors

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 130.0 cm long, 25.0 cm deep and 105.2 cm high.

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How next?

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