Homemade floating TV furniture made of plywood and MDF, by Roel

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A floating TV cabinet, with multiplex outer panels, inside everything is MDF. Because of the audio equipment in it that does generate heat and has to get rid of it, but the desire to keep everything out of sight also with cooling. The cabinet sucks in cooler air at the bottom right via an ultra-quiet PC fan at 5V and blows it out again at the top left. That is why all partitions also have holes for airflow, and of course handy for looping through cables, etc.

Work description: how did you realize your project

I have calculated all wooden plates to size in advance in Excel, taking into account approx. 3mm as a margin between the moving parts (flap and doors. The weight is supported by 4 steel L profiles. They can bear approx. 25KG each. The visible pieces are all made of birch plywood (18mm), both for the look and for the edges to be a bit more impact-resistant than MDF.The invisible parts are all made of MDF (18mm), just to keep the cost a bit more reasonable. hinges and finished with wear-resistant paint.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Width: 200cm Height: 43cm Depth: 55.5cm Weight: ±70KG incl content

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