Homemade Christmas tree with Christmas village made of custom-sawn MDF, by Fien

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2 minutes

In this DIY project you see the result of a Christmas tree, made from custom milled circles of MDF. This way there is room to decorate the tree with the collected Christmas village. An incredibly creative idea for the holidays! Read more about the approach to this project below.

Description of F.C.H.

We were tired of the Christmas tree and sold it. This year we wanted something new, a "Christmas tree" of round plates with scenes on them. The whole had to be easy to assemble and dismantle again. I also didn't want it to be too heavy, as it should also be easy to store. In this case you have 6 round plates with a hole in the middle, so they can easily be hung on the wall. Everything is also easy to put together.

How I made this project

Making a tree of 6 circles without a "workshop" it's difficult anyway. A quick google search and I came across OPMAATZAGEN.nl. The only one where you can realize large and small projects. Also the only one where I could specify 6 different sizes, which could then be made as one order. The 6 circles of 100-90-80 etc up to 50.0 cm diameter of 9mm MDF had to be perfectly round, and I cannot do that myself. Immediately have a hole of around 35mm made in the middle. All for a surprisingly low price. In the middle a wooden 35mm pole, with a PVC spacer of 40.0 cm between the circles. For strength, this was done at 3 equal distances with a 19mm PVC tube, with 22mm PVC spacers slid over it. At the top and bottom, the 19mm tubes are secured to the top and bottom plate by means of a steel wall plug. This makes the whole thing quite easy to take apart and store. Unfortunately I didn't take any further photos, but this is a very simple job (except for the scenes). Provided of course you have perfectly round circles. And I managed to do that for a nice price thanks to OPMAATZAGEN.nl and then get dressed.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The sizes are round, diameters, 100.0 / 90.0 / 80.0 / 70.0 / 60.0 / 50.0 cm.
Total height, without legs 208.1 cm.
There is 40.0 cm space between the plates

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How next?

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€ 117,15

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