DIY outdoor pyramid made of Multiplex Okoumé, by Harald

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Very easy

2 minutes

Creating a unique garden pyramid

Are you looking for inspiration for a DIY project that could enrich your garden? Discover how Harald created a fascinating outdoor pyramid that combines tradition with modern DIY. The three-tiered pyramid has been carefully crafted and treated with Multiplex Okoumé Garantenplex 10 mm to guarantee a robust and aesthetic masterpiece.

The interplay of material and craftsmanship

The pyramid consists of three plates and an impressive impeller at the top. Harald selected Multiplex Okoumé for its durability and weather resistance. The plates were precisely cut to size at and therefore offer a perfect fit. The wood was then treated with a protective glaze, which not only extends the life of the wood but also gives the project an attractive color tone.

The details that make the difference

Every detail of Harald's pyramid was carefully considered - the curved roof edges, the sturdy support legs and the central platforms on which traditional figures are displayed make it a real eye-catcher. This outdoor pyramid stands in the garden and fits perfectly in the outdoor area, where it immediately catches the eye with its brown glaze and artistic design.

The individual touch of DIY

Doing this project himself allowed Harald to design the dimensions exactly as he wanted. He was free to choose the material and thus not only realized a distinctive design, but also saved on the budget. The freedom of design and personalization are clear advantages of DIY.

Aesthetics meets functionality

Equipped with electric candles that illuminate the pyramid after dark, the project combines style with functionality. The lighting element enhances the atmospheric atmosphere that surrounds the pyramid.

Advantages of the wood used

Multiplex Okoumé Garantenplex 10 mm is particularly recommended for such projects. This wood is known for its strength and resistance to external influences, making it ideal for outdoor use. The uniform structure and aesthetic wood grain give the finished product a natural beauty, while the glaze intensifies the color tone and provides additional protection.

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How next?

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