DIY Inspiration: A hardwood hatch for the crawl space, by Terrence

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Very easy

2 minutes

A sturdy access to the crawl space

Are you looking for a practical and stylish solution for access to your crawl space? Get inspiration from Terrence's project, who has realized a hardwood shutter with precision.

The choice for quality and customization

Terrence has chosen Betonplex Hardwood from 18 for this DIY project mm thick, cut to size by Betonplex is known for its durability and strong properties. This makes it an excellent choice for a hatch that will last for years.

The structure and unique details

The hatch has a sleek and smooth finish. The panel has been carefully placed and lies flush with the floor, so there is no tripping hazard. The integrated handle solution makes it easy to open the hatch, while the fit is perfect for the existing opening to the crawl space.

A smart choice for any space

This hardwood hatch is perfect for an entrance hall, where accessibility to the crawl space is often necessary and strength was required.

The advantages of getting started yourself

By getting started with this yourself project, Terrence was able to benefit from the freedom in dimensions and choice of materials and it fit perfectly. He did not have to work with a sawing machine himself, so the project was completed quickly.

The power of Betonplex Hardwood

Betonplex Hardwood is not only strong and durable, but it has also a moisture-resistant top layer that makes it ideal for places such as a crawl space. The hardwood is resistant to mold and rot, meaning Terrence requires less maintenance and the hatch has a longer lifespan. It is important to finish the edges. This way the panel lasts extra long!

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